Apartment search process


  1. Please choose the preferred room or apartment. If you need help, please send an e-mail to the email adress dtabooking@speedcarve.hu!
  2. Please send an e-mail to us, with the indication of your booking will and the identification of the chosen flat and room. Please fill the application part: which apartment, which room you want; for what period; name of your university; your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  3. We will answer latest on the next evening. If the room is free (please acknowledge that we handle multiply parallel inquiries per room), we put the room into “RESERVED” status and send you the rental contract. If the room is not free, we offer another room.
  4. Please check the contract and correct your personal data – if needed! Please print it, sign it, scan it and send it back to us in 24 hours! Than we send you the bank transfer figures, for the first month rental fee transfer. If we do not receive the contract in 48 hours, we set the room back to “AVAILABLE” status.
  5. Please send us the poof of the transfer in 48 hours! This will finalise your booking in our system, and we set the room to “SOLD” status. If we do not receive the proof of transfer in 72 hours, we set the room back to “AVAILABLE” status.
  6. No more thing to do from this point, you secured the room for the next semester. Congrats.


  1. We show everything at the check in. We sign the original copy of the rental contract and take over the (amount of 2 months rental fee) deposit.
  2. We give you a map, local information, and starting pack.
  3. We manage all the utility payments, cleaning, maintenance, and necessary repairs. We also invite you for programs with other ERASMUS students.
  4. You just have enjoy your stay.
  5. Before you leave, we agree on a check out date. We take the keys and give back your caution.